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Introducing the Clarity™ Pro Advanced Skin Analysis System! Facial skin analysis offers a customized approach to skincare treatment and has been featured on many popular news outlets including Oprah, The Tyra Banks Show, Allure Magazine, Men’s Vogue, Health Magazine, Medical Spas Review, Men’s Health, Bazaar Magazine, Medesthetics as well as a variety of shows on ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS.

Using the most advanced skin analysis system, we evaluate the condition of your skin and the health of your complexion. Dr. Pat recommends Clarity™ Pro Skin Analysis be completed to provide the deepest possible understanding of your skin. Seeing what is inside, before it becomes part of the outside, is the first step in educating the patient.

The skin analysis helps identify problem areas of your complexion, unique to each individual, and helps us develop a treatment program which will give you optimal results.

Your skin analysis session takes only a few minutes after which Dr. Pat will discuss your skin goals, go through your results and recommend the best skin care treatment plan or aesthetic procedures designed specifically for you!

Skin Assessment includes thr following key areas:
Among the many variables that contribute to the total condition of your complexion, these are critical to choosing the right skin care treatments. Using the latest technology, we will evaluate your skin’s health and appearance based on the following criteria:

  • UV damage and sun damage susceptibility
  • Skin type classification
  • Complexion health – complexion score, pigment evenness, redness levels, skin radiance.
  • Pore Health – to calculate acne risk and inflammation
  • Pore Size
  • Skin Tone - evenness measurements and color variation
  • Wrinkle map - emerging lines, fine lines, deep lines
  • Moisture analysis – assess moisture and dryness in skin
  • Wrinkle Analysis – classification according to severity level

The results of your Clarity™ Pro Skin Analysis enables us to tailor a treatment plan so you can use appropriate skin care products and prevent any further damage to your skin.

Skin Assessment    Clarityâ„¢ Pro Advanced Skin Analysis System


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